Dr. Marc Luy

Demographer with special interest in health and longevity, sceptic, and fan of empirical science

This Personal Website

provides information about my scientific activities and my research career. Here you can find my curriculum vitae, a summary of my research interests, and a compilation of my publications and presentations at conferences and workshops. More details about my research and actual university lectures can be found at my following websites:
The delag.eu website offers more in-depth information about the research on "determinants of longevity and ageing in good health" (delag) conducted by me and my team of the research group "Health and Longevity" at the Vienna Institute of Demography.
The "Cloister Study" is a demographic-epidemiologic research project to study the mechanisms of health, ageing and longevity, based on the morbidity and mortality experiences of Catholic order members. The website is held in German and English.
The website lebenserwartung.info provides extensive information about trends and differences in life expectancy in Germany. The website offers regularly updated data and figures mainly based on own calculations and studies. The website is held in German language.
Demographie.at is the website of my university lectures. In the moment it includes information about my course "Demographic Models and Applications" for MA students at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The website is held in German language.