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Tempo-Effekte in der Sterblichkeit: Internationaler Vergleich
[Tempo effects in mortality: international comparison]
Meeting of the Body of Experts for Population Projections of the German Statistical Office
Wiesbaden, Germany, 2018 Nov 02

Konsequenzen und Möglichkeiten des Alterns in einer alternden Gesellschaft: Erkenntnisse aus der Klosterstudie
[Consequences and potentials of ageing in an ageing society: insights from the Cloister Study]
Presentation at Meeting of the Franciscan province of Austria & South Tirol
Pupping, Austria, 2018 Oct 26

Warum Frauen älter werden als Männer
[Why women become older than men]
Lecture at the International Academy
Traunkirchen, Austria, 2018 Aug 15

Männergesundheitsaspekte aus der Klosterstudie
[Insights on men’s health from the Cloister Study]
Conference "Masculinity and Health" of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection
Vienna, Austria, 2018 Jun 19

The CroHaM hypothesis and its relevance for dissolving the "gender and health paradox"
2018 European Population Conference
Brussels, Belgium, 2018 Jun 08.

Morbidity compression and expansion effects in cross-sectional context
Pre-EPC Workshop "Morbidity Compression, Morbidity Expansion, and Dynamic Equilibrium: Conceptual Considerations and New Findings"
Brussels, Belgium, 2018 Jun 06

Could the actual decrease in life expectancy be caused by "Tempo Effects"?
30. REVES Meeting
Ann Arbor, USA, 2018 May 30

Warum leben Frauen länger als Männer?
[Why do women live longer than men?]
Long Night of Science
Vienna, Austria, 2018 Apr 13

Bildungs- und berufsspezifische Lebenserwartung in Deutschland: Schätzungen mit der Longitudinal Survival Method
[Education- and occupation-specific life expectancy in Germany: estimations using the Longitudinal Survival Method]
Armut und Gesundheit 2018—the German Public Health Congress
Berlin, Germany, 2018 Mar 20

Determinanten der Lebenserwartung
[Determinants of life expectancy]
Assembly of the division of Humanities and the Social Sciences of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna, Austria, 2018 Mar 08

Mortalität und Lebenserwartung
[Mortality and life expectancy]
Guest lecture at the University of Konstanz
Konstanz, Germany, 2018 Jan 16

Die Klosterstudie: Bisherige Ergebnisse und Folgerungen für die Ordensgemeinschaften
[The Cloister Study: actual results and implications for religious communities]
Seminar at the directors' conference of the German province of the Salesians of Don Bosco
Aschau/Inn, Germany, 2017 Nov 23

Estimating life expectancy for populations without vital statistics data
Seminar at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Vienna, Austria, 2017 Nov 22

Cross-sectional association between health and mortality: The CroHaM hypothesis
XXVIII IUSSP International Population Conference
Cape Town, South Africa, 2017 Oct 31

From population health to individual health: thoughts of a demographer
Scientific Symposium at the opening of the Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine
Vienna, Austria, 2017 Oct 19

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